22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)

Charger Specification:SpecificationModelTH-AHTH-50AC Nomal InputPhases/Lins3 phase+neutral+PEVoltage400VAC±10%Frequency50Hz±10%ConnectorCCS 2OutputPower                           &n

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Charger Specification:
AC Nomal InputPhases/Lins3 phase+neutral+PE
ConnectorCCS 2
CCS 2:50kw                                                                                                                                 
CCS 2:200-750VDC                                                                     
Cable Lenth5m
Cable TypeCharging cable and connecter permanently attached to EVSE (liquid cooled)
Electrial ParameterPower Factor≥0.99,≥ 0.96 (Full Load)
 THD Value≤5%
Stable Voltage Accuracy≤±0.5%
Stable Current Accuracy≤±1%
Efficiency≥95% at nominal output power
Structure DesignHousing MaterialGalvanized steel
Installation MethodVertical installation of ground
LED Indicator10 inches with 720 x 480 pixels TFT LCD Screen, user interface with touch screen or keypad.Toughened unbreakable glass to be used for display screen
ON-OFF (Start-Stop) SwitchesMandatory
Emergency Stop ButtonMushroom headed type
Payment MethodRFID CARD /Phone APP with backend
CommunicationCharegr v.s. BackendEthernet, Wi-Fi and 2G/3G/4G
Communication ProtocalOCPP1.6
Environmental             in dexWorking Temperature-20ºC-+65ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC-+65ºC
Working Altitude≤2000M
Atmospheric pressure intensity80 kpa to 110 kpa
Application SiteIndoor/Outdoor
Cooling MethodForced air cool
Security ProtectionMultiple ProtectionOver Current, Under Current, Over Voltage, Residual Current, Surge Protection, Short Circuit, Earth Fault at input and output, Input Phase reversal, Emergency Shut-down with alarm, over temperature, Protection against electric shock.
Warranty3 years
Package InformationProduct Dimension550*850*1950(mm)
Net Weight190KG
External PackingWooden case
General Requirements
 Energy Transfer ModeConductive
Charging Mode                         
CCS 2.0 - mode 4 - DC fast charging
Reliability and ServiceabilityModularity, self-diagnostic features, fault codes and easy serviceability in the field
System Structure
 Regulation MethodRegulated DC EV Charging Station with combination of CVC or CCC but not simultaneously
IsolationEach output isolated from each other with proper insulation
Power SupplyDC EV charging station connected to AC mains
Charge control communicationCommunicate by digital and analog signals
Interface inter-operabilityInter-operable with any EV supporting CCS or AC Type-2 (for each gun respectively)
OperatorOperated by a trained person or EV owner
Input Requirements
 Input Supply Failure BackupBattery backup for minimum 1 hour for control system and billing unit, to enable activities such as billing, to be provided
Output Requirements
 No. of Outputs1
Output Connectors1 output connector
Output Connector Compatibility                     
CCS: IEC 61851-23/24, IEC 62196-3, DIN 70121.               
Mechanical Requirements
 Mechanical StabilityShall not be damaged by mechanical impact as defined in IEC 61851-1
Mechanical ImpactShall not be damaged by mechanical impact as defined in IEC 61851-1
User Interface and Display Requirements
 VisualVisual Indicators:Error indication, Presence of input supply indication, State of Charge process indication.                             
Voice notifications:Voice
Notifications: Related to start and stop of charging session in English
Support LanguageEnglish, with provision for additional regional languages
Display MessagesEVSE should display appropriate messages for user during the various charging states like:-Vehicle plugged in / Vehicle plugged out'-Duration since start of charge and kWh consumed'-User authorization status'-Fault Conditions-Metering Information: Consumption Units
Performance Requirements
 DC Output Voltage and Current ToleranceDC Output current regulation in Constant Current Charging (CCC);
±2.5 A for the requirement below 50 A, and ±5% of the required value for 50 A or more DC Output voltage regulation in constant voltage charging (CVC);
Control delay of charging current in CCCDC output current demand response time1 s Ramp up rate: 20 A/s or more.Ramp Down rate: 100 A/s or more
Descending rate of charging currentEVSE should be able to reduce DC current with the descending rate of 100 A/s or more
Periodic and random deviation(Current ripple)DC Output current ripple limit of EVSE:1.5 A below 10 Hz, 6 A below 5 kHz, 9A below 150 kHz
Periodic and random deviation(Volatge ripple)Max. Ripple voltage ±5 V. Max slew rate ±20 V/ms
Billing Requirements
 Software SolutionCMS and USER APP
BillingGrid Responsive metering

Charging Cloud Platform:
Tonhe is delicated to enabling the future of e-mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust charging network anywhere. A charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customize chargers to meet their specific requirements. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.
OCPP Capable: Easy process to integrate other OCPP-capable chargers to the charging cloud platform through OCPP protocol.
Real-time Monitor: A graphical dashboard shows real-time status, helping charger operator or EV driver to manage charging service from their computer or mobile phone.
Flexible Integration: Integrations with other systems - APIs allow flexible integration with other systems including payment apps, parking system, enter prise existing systetem and 3rd party cloud platform.
22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)       

Manufacture Line:22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)

Test Center:
Tonhe test center acquired CNAS certificate. Test center can test humidity, smoke, high and low temperature alternating, vibration and EMC and so on, which can assure product reliability and make performance more complete and professional.
22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)

Certification:22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)
22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)
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22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)
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22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)
22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)22kw CCS AC Type2 Charger (EV Charger)

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