Pure Sine Wave DC AC Power Inverter 10kw 48VDC to 220VAC 50Hz with Max 70A AC Charger

Pure Sinewave DC AC Power Inverter 10KW 48Vdc to 220Vac 50HZ with Max 70A AC ChargerKey FeaturesWinner Series Inverter Spec Data1. Pure sine wave output. Rated power: 1KW to 12KW(12V/24V/48V/96V)2. With UPS function AC to DC autom

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Pure Sinewave DC AC Power Inverter 10KW 48Vdc to 220Vac 50HZ with Max 70A AC Charger

Key Features
Winner Series Inverter Spec Data
1. Pure sine wave output. Rated power: 1KW to 12KW(12V/24V/48V/96V)
2. With UPS function AC to DC automatic conversion
3. Wide AC Voltage & Frequency for AC and Generator Input
4. Can adjust battery voltage for different types of batteries,such as LD: lead-acid battery (default), GEL: gel battery, LI: lithium battery.
5. DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic function ,5 working modes can choose  
    01 Mains Priority / 02 Energy Saving / 03: Battery Priority
    04 Unattended Mode / 05 Solar Priority
6. High Efficency Design & "Power Saving Mode" to Conserve Energy
7. Smart LCD display and setting (Working modes, Charge Current, Charge Voltage, 
    AC range input , battrty voltage ,Battery low voltage shutdown etc.)
8. High-low voltage protection,overload, short-circuit Protection, under-voltage  
    and over-temperature protection,over voltage, battery reverse connection(optional)etc.
9. Big AC Charging current 5-35A,5-40A,5-50A,5-60A (optional)
10. Support RS232, RS485 monitoring function with free program,remote monitoring (optional)

Technical Specification
Winner Series
Inverter InputRated Capacity1KW1.5KW2KW3KW4KW5KW6KW8KW10KW12KW
Peak Power3KW4.5KW6KW9KW12KW15KW18KW2KW30KW36KW
Commercial Power Range100V / 110V / 115V / 120V: 80VAC - 137VAC
200V / 220V /230V /240V: 160VAC - 275VAC
AC Frequency Range45 - 65Hz
BatteryTypeLead-acid Battery / GEL Battery / Lithium Battery
DC Voltage12VDC / 24VDC24VDC / 48VDC48VDC / 96VDC
Input Voltage Range12VDC:10.5 - 15VDC   24VDC:21 - 30VDC    48VDC:42 - 60VDC   96VDC:84 - 120VDC
Floating Charge Set12V:12.9 ~ 13.6V   24V:25.8V ~ 27.2V   48V:51.6V ~ 54.4V   96V:103.2V ~ 108.8
Low Voltage Restored12VDC:12.6 - 14.4VDC   24VDC:25.2 - 28.8VDC   48VDC:50.4 - 57.6VDC   96VDC:100.8 - 115.2VDC
Low Voltage Shutdown Set12VDC:10 - 10.9V   24VDC:20 - 21.8V   48VDC:40 - 43.6V   96VDC:80V - 87.2V
Over Voltage Protection12VDC:16.7VDC   24VDC:33.4V   48VDC:66.8V
Over Voltage Alarm12VDC:15VDC   24VDC:30V   48VDC:60V
AC Charging5A - 35A (40A, 50A, 60A, 70A, optional)
 Capable of Starting
Electronic Motor
Voltage110/120/220/230/240VAC ± 2% (DC Mode)                    110/120/220/230/240VAC ± 15% (AC Mode)110/120/220/230/240VAC ±2% (DC Mode)                    Synchronize with AC (AC Mode)
Power Factor100%
Transfer TimeTypical: 5 - 10ms (Including Detection Time)
Temperature Protection≥85ºC Alarm ≥90ºC Machine Shut Off
OverlordIPS automatically shut down if overload exceeds 110% - 120% of normal value for 30 seconds, IPS automatically resume work if overload comes to rated load
Wave FormPure sine wave
FrequencyCommercial power supply: shared frequency with the commercial inversion state: 60/50±0.5
Output Frequency Range
(Electronic Supply Mode)
Tracking Automatically
ProtectionOverload, Short Circuit, Battery High and Low Voltage, AC Input High and Low Voltage Protection
Conversion MethodInteractive
Solar MPPT
MPPT Solar Controller30A / 50A50A / 60A / 80A80A / 100A
Solar Input Power360W / 720W / 1200W1200W / 1440W / 2400W / 2880W / 3840W3840W /4800W / 9600W
Solar Input Voltage(Max)12VDC / 24VDC:100V      48VDC:160V      96VDC:200V or 280V
TemperatureOperating Temperature0ºC ~ 70ºC
Thermal MethodCooling fan in intelligent control ≤42ºC fan rotates slowly to ≥45ºC fan rotates fast
AppearanceExternal Size(mm) (L*W*H)510*325*215 mm645*325*215 mm765*320*250 mm
Gross Size(mm) (L*W*H)560*380*280 mm730*400*290 mm840*405*320 mm
Net Weight(KG)14151820313435525456
Gross Weight(KG)16172022353738565860
Note : Product Specification are Subject to Change Without Further Notice.

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Pure Sinewave DC AC Power Inverter 10kw 48VDC to 220VAC 50Hz with Max 70A AC Charger


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