3.3kw 60V 50A for onboard lead-acid/lithium battery charger, power adapter, fast charging

Electric Vehicle Charger 3.3KW 60V50A EC-S6050-PB for Lead Acid Battery                            First, please have a Quick View if this model is you are looking for:   

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Electric Vehicle Charger 3.3KW 60V50A EC-S6050-PB for Lead Acid Battery    
First, please have a Quick View if this model is you are looking for:    
1. Our EC-S4870-PB has charging power rated at 3.3KW, battery voltage rated 60V, Max charging current at 50A which is suitable to lead acid battery. More Model list. 
 EIF EV Charger on BoardTechnical Specification (please view more technical data at our company website: electric-car.en.made-in-china.com)
Rated PowerBattery Rated VoltageMax Charging Current

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2. It is a smart charger with small size, high efficiency, with multi protection and strongly aseismic.                                            
3. DC output connects to battery postive and negative; AC input connects to vehicle's charging socket.                       
4. Protections include over voltage, over current, over heating, reverse connection protection.

3.3kw 60V 50A for Lead Acid/Lithium Battery on Board Charger, Power Adapter, Fast Charging

EIFPMG youtube channel https://electric-car.en.made-in-china.com (EIFPMG guides a full series of EIF Motor, EIF micro grid, we use EIFPMG to include all.)

Technical Specification (please view more technical data at our company website: electric-car.en.made-in-china.com)
Model NoEC-S6050-PB
Rated Charging Power3.3kw
Rated Battery Voltage60V
Max Charging Current50A
Suitable Battery Typeflooded lead acid batteries, sealed  lead acid batteries, lithium batteries, NI-MH batteries, Nickle Cadmium batteries
Input AC Voltage220/230V 50Hz 
Communication MethodCAN/optional
Working Temperature-40~+50ºC
Storage Temperature-40~+90ºC
Relative Humidity5%-95%
Cooling Methodnature air cooling
Protect ClassIP66
Protection FunctionsInput undervoltage and overvoltage protection; Output overpressure and overcurrent protection; Output anti-reverse protection; Output short circuit protection; Over-temperature protection of charging machine; The battery is overtemperature protected.

 What we will do for you:                        
1. provide technical consultant before order and confirm your actual technical requirement according to your description on usage within 1-3 working days;                        
2. supply the right and approved under serious quality inspection system within 10 days(if customized model,we will recheck the delivery time);                        
3. provide technical support when the units arrive you, to make sure you can run your machine smoothly with our charger;               
4. provide 1 year warranty, and whole life technical support;                        
5. always update our product information with you.       

Our effort for EV Conversion Job: 
1. we do great effort on full application of driving system in electric vehicle and automation field as described "about EIFMotor";
2. We are doing EV conversion projects with complete conversion kits including driving system, dcdc, charging system and etc;
3. we are developing charging system with our EV partner SUNTAE (facebook at https://electric-car.en.made-in-china.com).   

Our effort for  driving system in electric vehicle and automation field application : about EIFMotor                        
2012-2013: Based on our production and RD ability of permanent magnet generator, we began to develop permanent magnet brushless motor for electric vehicle, and expanded motor applications to general industry use with its high efficiency.                    
2014: We expanded motor business to brushless dc, asynchronous motor drive system, and made it as an important seperate part of business EIFMOTOR.                    
2015-2018: We enhanced our motor strengths on aspects: improve motor test line, combine servo motor, drive with gearbox to fulfil as intelligent unit, expand applications of asynchrnous motor to be a special customized motor part; For another part, we have cooperation with SUNATE EV, we can support EV assembly line construction projects, and supply our motor drive system together.                    
Now we have EIFMotor absorbedly improving automation and EV motor drive system field applications. We are putting our passion and effort in this great job.

Please follow us at website, facebook, twitter and youtube channel and grow automation and EV motor applications up together!


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